Serving Palm Desert, Palm Springs & the Coachella Valley


About Us

At Village Financial Services, LLC, we take pride in the fact that we are local and attainable by our customers. Serving only California drivers, and specializing in the Coachella Valley, we offer a higher level of customer service that includes protecting your privacy. Although they are common, financial situations can often be embarrasing or intrusive, and we ensure that the entire process remains confidential.

We also take pride in meeting, and helping, the diverse group of individuals that make up the Coachella Valley community. We’ve helped military spouses get loans for their families while loved ones are away, softened the impact of unexpected medical bills, and assisted students with tuition costs. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, or why you need the money. Just turn to us and we will personally find a solution, and strive to have your cash on the very same day.  We are open Monday thru Friday  from 9am to 5pm