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Car Title Loan Company – A Valuable Resource

Car Title Loan Company – A Valuable Resource

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When was the last time you went into a bank and your banker welcomed you into his or her office and offered you any type of loan?

It doesn’t happen! Unless you’re a billionaire like Donald Trump apparently.

For the rest of us, getting a loan in an emergency situation, often involves asking friends, family or selling something valuable we own.

But even that may not be enough. And how long will it take to raise the funds?

What if you need more than just a few hundred dollars? Say something unexpected happened like a medical emergency or unexpected traveling and you need $2,500? Or more!

Asking family and friends for money can be hard, especially when they are unable to help. Besides that, it can take a toll on your pride.

Opening a new credit card or heading over to the bank to get a second mortgage in one day is impossible. Plus, there is no guarantee you’ll get it. The the only guarantee is that you’ll invest a lot of time filling out paperwork you often times, don’t even comprehend.

What if you could simply answer a few questions over the phone or online and get an answer within 30 minutes?

There is an option, and it’s called a…

Car Title Loan!

A car title loan company is simply a lender that will loan you money on the equity of your car.

You can call or setup an appointment with a car title loan company in Palm Desert like Village Financial Services INC. and get a confidential evaluation.

If you own a car free and clear the process is quick and easy. In most cases you can count on getting the loan amount in your hands the same day!

Even if you still owe a few payments on your vehicle, title loans companies like Village Financial Services can still help.

You can apply for as little as $2510 or more, depending on the value of your vehicle. Granted, the vehicle must be worth at least $3,500.

By the way, any vehicle qualifies including your motorcycle, truck or RV.

Unlike getting a second mortgage where you risk your entire home for a relatively small amount of money, with a car title loan you provide the title to your car while you pay the loan, minimizing your risk.

Best of all, you drive your car while you pay back the loan!

Will I Qualify for a Title Loan with Bad Credit?!

This is a common question and a good one.

Unlike unsecured loans or any bank loan for that matter, a car title loan uses the equity of your car as a guarantee of repayment.

The title loan company understands you “need” your car don’t intend to default on the loan. Of course, you’ll also be asked about your income so that a payment plan fits your needs can be offered.

Additionally, you can repay the title loan in as little as 30 days or as long as 3 1/2 years. This flexibility will allow you to afford your payments comfortably and be able to make each payment on time.

If you’re worried about confidentiality, then a car title loan with Village Financial Services is for you. They understand you want your privacy protected.

Having a resource like a trusted car title loan company in back pocket when you need money in an emergency is invaluable.

For a stress-free and no-obligation quote from Village Financial Services, INC. you can call (760) 574-2556 for an appointment at their office located at 73-700 Highway 111 Suite 10 in Palm Desert.

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