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Car Title Loans in Coachella

Folks turn to car title loans in Coachella when they need emergency cash.

If you are needing more than just a few hundred dollars; a car title loan is usually available to you in about 1 hour.

Car Title Loans in Coachella

How do car title loans in Coachella work?

We hold the title to your car, you continue to drive the car.

Our process is confidential and easy:

  1. Call for an application
  2. Return the completed application with a copy of your title, driver’s license, proof of insurance (you can scan it, fax it, take a picture on your phone and text it, or drop it by our office)
  3. Give us about 45 minutes to process
  4. Come by and sign the loan agreement and get your check

How much can I borrow with a car title loan?

Our minimum loan is $2510 and we usually set it up on a 2-year plan, but you can prepay anytime without penalty.

Although this type of loan is usually called a “car” title loan, you can also use a truck, SUV, RV and even commercial vehicles to secure the title loan. The vehicle however must be worth at least $3,500.

We are a local company offering car title loans in Coachella. Call us TODAY at (760) 574-2556 or (760) 289-3335 (en español) for a quick quote on how much you can get or for more information.

We also offer car title loans in Indio, Thermal and the entire Coachella Valley