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FAST LOANs IN PALM SPRINGS ON CAR TITLE may be the solution to your cash needs

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If your piggy bank is running on empty, then think about using your car as collateral for a loan that can be done in about 1 hour.  We are one of the oldest and most trusted auto title lenders in the Desert.  You will be dealing with a local company.   We fund your loan right on the spot.  Usually it can be done in an hour.  It is easy-peazy.


1. Fill out and send in the form under the “Apply Now” tab. That will let us tell you in a very short time how much we could probably lend you. Bad credit is not a deal killer with us. We use your vehicle for collateral, and look at your ability to repay. We make loans every day to people with lower credit scores.

2. We generally only require the following documents: Drivers License, Car title, proof of residence like a utility bill, and proof of liability insurance like your insurance card. You can email, fax, or even take a pictures on your phone and text those to us.

3. We will get the loan approved before you even have to come in. Or in many cases, we can meet you with a loan document for you to sign, and a check for you to immediately cash. We will at that time take some pictures of your vehicle, and you will have the cash you need and be on your way.


People little or no credit or bad credit may still qualify for a car title loan

People have emergencies come up such as:

big repair bill

emergency medical

house payment is due and they don’t have the money

funeral expenses

tuition expense

Just Life

Regardless of why you need cash, if you’re in an emergency or dire situation we encourage you to consider an auto title loan. We can help you find the perfect loan thanks to our superior lending network. You can read our FAQ page to see more answers to the common questions we receive.

The process is rather simple. You apply online, in-person or over the phone to see if you qualify. Should you qualify you will need to get the required paperwork to us and then we can begin processing your application. We have a superior lending network so we’re able to help you get the perfect loan for your situation and we aim to make the process as hassle-free as possible. You won’t have to worry about hidden costs and fees when you choose Village Financial.  In fact, if you are in the Coachella some people prefer to visit our Palm Desert location. 

Needing Cash in or near Palm Springs

Everyone would agree that Cathedral City has beautiful scenery and is a beautiful place to live. But what isn’t so great is when you live in Cathedral City without enough money to pay your bills, take the kids to a ballgame or even put gas in the car to drive to the beach. But it’s easy to get into that kind of a financial situation if you don’t have enough work during the month or if unexpected bills rob you of your savings. The good news is that car owners in Cathedral City can send in an online application to Village Financial Car Title Loans in Palm Springs requesting a quick quote on how much you can get and how fast you can get it.

Talk to us at 760 574 2556 for English.  Or 760 574 3553 for Spanish

Or Apply online

Car Title Loans in or near Palm Springs

At Village Financial, we help people all over The Coachella Valley, we specialize in car title loans for people who own cars and need some quick cash. When we look at your application, we can see what kind of car you own, its specifications and its mileage. With that, we will get an up to date evaluation of its worth. If it’s worth enough money, we might be able to help you with a loan beginning at $2,510. Besides the worth of your car, we also need to make sure the loan is right for you and that you have a plan for repaying the loan.

Title Loan Approval

If approved for cash from Village  Financial Service, you will have a lien holder on your title.  However you do remain the registered owner of the car or truck.  You get the cash and keep driving your car.


In case you are not that familiar with the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs is the airport city for an area that many people refer to as Palm Springs.


In reality there are several cities in the area some of which are actually bigger than the City of Palm Springs.  For example, the population of Indio is greater than Palm Springs.

The population of Cathedral City is greater than Palm Springs.  So is Palm Desert.

You may have heard of some of the smaller cities in “The Desert” which is another nickname for the area.  The other cities that are all within 30 minutes of the Palm Springs International Airport include Desert Hot Springs, La Quinta, Coachella, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Bermuda Dunes and Thousand Palms.

Generally the area is a big tourist destination.  While the permanent population is a shade under 500,000, the population during season can easily double that.

Each of this cities has some favorite attractions.

In Palm Springs, there is the Aerial Tramway which rotates as it lifts you to over 8000 feet.  By the way the way, did you know that the entire area is surrounded by mountains. And while in it’s natural state, the floor of the valley is just sand and tumbleweed, there are over 200 golf courses here with lots of green grass.

How could that be?  There is a huge aquafer that covers nearly the entire valley beneath all the cities here in the Coachella Valley.

Each of the cities has it only attractions.  For example Cathedral City has an ice rink and a water park.

Indio has the famous music concerts Coachellafest and Stage Coach.

Indian Wells has the Tennis Gardens which host one of the most important tennis tournaments in the world every year—the BNP Paribas Open.  All the big stars are here for that one in the beautiful facility—Tennis Gardens.

La Quinta hos Q-school qualifying on a regular basis for those golfers aspiring to the Pout the greater PGA Tour.

Rancho Mirage is home to one of areas hospitals-  Eisenhower Medical Center.

Hope you found these facts about the Greater Palm Springs areas interesting or helpful.